What’s The Shamballa Bracelet Meaning

Shamballa Bracelet Meaning According To Kabbala Shamballa

Shamballa Bracelets have been popular for many years and will be even more popular for many years to come. Not everyone is aware of the actual meaning behind SHAMBALLA - When I fist started making these versatile bracelets, experimenting with different beads and components, I really enjoyed creating and was amazed at the variety of styles available to me.

After researching into the meaning it became clear, SHAMBALLA symbolizes PEACE, TRANQUILITY & HAPPINESS, they can be worn for healing, meditation or spiritual path.

We have added hematite magnetic beads which are believed to help with aches and pains associated with rheumetism, (but should not be worn by people with a pacemaker or woman who are pregnant).

Many different designs will be added regularly to our website - or you may like to choose your own beads, we will be happy to make them to your specification.

You can also choose from a variety of kabbalistc shamballa bracelets, including hamsa incorporated with red thread, or the evil eye design.

Colorful rhinestone beads to represent kabbalistic meanings, dated back to the tribes of Israel.

We hope when wearing our shamballa bracelets, they will make you as happy as it makes us when we make them.

Looking forward to working with you.

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